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3M 5857 Dent Finishing Glaze for Dynamic Mixing System

Our Price: Starting at $35.00
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer Part No: 5847

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Cartridge or Case:
A cartridge-based, two-component, self-leveling glaze designed for use as a "skin" coat over sheet metal and dent repair compound to fill pinholes, sand scratches, low areas, and other imperfections.

Note: Must be shipped via UPS

Directions for Use
Use appropriate 3M VOC compliant product(s) for adhesive removal, degreasing, cleaning or removal of surface contaminants, then sand the area with grade 80 180 grit abrasive, blow off with clean dry compressed air.

Note: For best results apply using a paint to paint technique reducing the need for additional coats of primer. See 3M Dent Repair System for details on this technique (

  • Position large diameter cylinder in the up (12 oclock) position.
  • Place the mounting flange end of the cartridge against the mounting plate of the dispenser, making sure to align and insert the cartridge drive rod with the dispenser drive socket, located in the center of the dispenser mounting plate.
  • Press the cartridge back against the mounting plate (this should occur without resistance if drive rod is aligned properly) and twist until the cartridge locks into place.

  • Remove sealing cap from cartridge
  • Align the 3M Dynamic Mixing Nozzle with the cartridge outlets, making sure to position the large outlet (cartridge) with the large inlet (nozzle) and the small outlet (cartridge) with the small inlet (nozzle).
  • Press in until locking retainer engages mixing nozzle.
  • Attach an air line to the dispenser inlet.
  • Using proper air pressure settings (see directions for use included with the 3M Dynamic Mixing Gun)
  • and a disposable collection point, depress the trigger until both sides of the dual-component material are present
  • and the material is a consistent light blue/green color. This serves to equalize both sides of the cartridge.

  • Material may be dispensed directly onto the damaged area, or onto a non-porous surface, such as a spreader or a mixing board.
  • Immersing the nozzle in the puddle of material eliminates any air entrapment during dispensing.
  • Proceed with application method (ie spreading) as desired.
  • You may continue to dispense material until the normal material curing process clogs the mixing nozzle 
  • typically after 2-3 minutes without depressing the trigger. If more repair material is desired after curing has
  • occurred, remove and install a new nozzle.
  • Maximum finished thickness should not exceed 1/8 inch
CAUTION: Be sure to replace nozzles containing fully or semi cured material to prevent damage to cartridge or nozzle or personal injury. Dispose of uncured material in an approved receptacle.

If applying to an unfamiliar substrate, perform a test to determine if suitable results are obtained. Do not apply on uncured paint surfaces. Be sure surface contaminates are removed prior to application.

Use an approved solvent to remove excess unwanted material from tools or surrounding areas prior to the expiration of work time (3-4 minutes).

Store unopened cartridges in an approved area, prevent exposure to flame, sparks, or high temperatures. Store previously opened cartridges with the used nozzle in place in an approved area prevent exposure to flame, sparks, or high temperatures.. Use caution not to damage outlets or drive shaft during storage or installation. Optimum storage temperatures 65° 80° F, elevated storage temperatures reduce product shelf life.

Note: Must be shipped via UPS Ground

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