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3M 16400 - PPS Sun Gun Color Matching Light

List Price: $1,473.95
Sale Price: $498.00
Item Number: 3m-16400
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer Part No: 16400
on sale
    Used throughout the refinish process to: Identify pre-paint defects such as pin holes, sand- scratches, etc. Choose alternate colors from various chip decks. Verify color match using paint spray outs. Check for complete coverage or full hiding. Identify post-paint defects such as sand-scratches, swirl marks, etc.
    Replacement bulbs and parts also available.

Showing you TRUE COLOR

  • Choose the correct variant or alternate color chip (Begin with the correct paint formula)
  • Verify color-match using spray-outs (Make accurate judgements regardless of location, light condition, time of day or weather) The color shading or tinting process (Reduce the time needed to achieve a blendable color match)
  • Verify full hiding or complete coverage (Discover the lack of coverage before applying clearcoat without the need to see the car outside)
  • Verify blends and metallic layout for outside appearance
  • Identify pre-paint defects such as pin holes, sand scratches, etc.
  • Identify post-paint defects such as swirl marks, burn through, sand scratches, etc. and reduce the chance of color mismatch and lack of coverage (Reduce the chance of costly re-work or comebacks improving cycle time and customer satisfaction

Each 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light Kit contains the following components:

  • One (1) 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light
  • One (1) 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Corrective Bulb, PN 16399
  • One (1) 3M PPS SUN GUN NiCad Battery Pack, PN 16398
  • One (1) 3M PPS SUN GUN Battery Charger w/ Power Supply & Cord, PN 16396
  • One (1) Durable Protective Carrying Case
  • One (1) Safety and Instruction Manual
  • One (1) Warranty Registration Card

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1. Q. What makes this different from an ordinary flashlight?
A. Many things make the 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light different from an ordinary flashlight. The first and most important thing for color matching is the Color Corrective Bulb. The bulb is patented and is virtually a perfect match to natural daylight. Computer like electronics regulate battery voltage to the bulb in order to maintain the virtually perfect spectral light, no matter the level of charge or battery power. Computer like electronics are in the charger as well, it is a smart charger that knows when the battery is too hot to take a charge and will automatically make adjustments in order to properly charge the battery.

2. Q. Why does it cost so much more than a regular flashlight?
A. The Color Corrective Bulb, the sophisticated electronics, the battery and charging technologies are very different and much more valuable than the components that go into an ordinary flashlight. This configuration generates heat. The heat and voltage needs to be regulated and controlled. The individual components that go into the electronics are made to withstand heat and regulate voltage in order for the 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light to maintain the virtually perfect spectral output that makes it so unique.

3. Q. How long does it take to charge the battery?
A. The initial charge should be at least 8 hours or overnight. It may take as many as three or more charges for the battery pack to reach full capacity. Once the battery has reached full capacity it will take 1-1/2 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery from a completely discharged state.

4. Q. Can I leave it (the battery) charge overnight?
A. Yes, the battery and charger have smart charging technologies. When the battery is fully charged the charger will go into trickle mode in order to maximize the level of charge without over charging.

5. Q. Why does it shut off by itself?
A. An automatic shut-off feature is designed into 3M PPS SUN GUN Light in order to prevent leaving it on while unattended. This feature will also help maximize battery and bulb life. By design it will turn off after approximately 50 seconds. The length of time was decided by research and data collected from voice of customer, concept and filed testing.

6. Q. Can I use it in the spray booth?
A. Never use the 3M PPS SUN GUN Light, Battery Pack, Battery Charger or Power Supply in potentially explosive or flammable environments. Do not use while mixing, spraying, or applying combustible or flammable materials, or in the presence of any flammable or combustible vapors.

7. Q. How is it going to help me match colors?
3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light can help you assess and select variant color chips, confirm color-match using test-panels, check for proper metallic lay-out and blend edges for halos.

8. Q. What is it about the bulb that helps me match colors?
A. The Bulb is virtually identical to natural daylight. It will significantly
reduce the chance of metamerism occurring and provide an exceptional representation of what the job will look like outside (in natural daylight).

9. Q. How is it going to save me time?
A. You will not have to move the car outside to view the color in natural daylight in order to do your job. In the event it helps you avoid a redo because of color match or coverage, it will save you time and materials along with the stress and frustration that comes from that type of problem occurring.

10. Q. What is the Lux rating?

A. Standard Mode > The Lux rating at 2' or .6 meters is 1416.7
High Intensity Mode > The Lux rating at 2' or .6 meters is 2968.8

11. Q. What is the Kelvin rating of the bulb?

A. 4700oK Kelvin

12. Q. What is the percentage of light vs. natural daylight?
A. CRI (Color Rendering Index) = 99.35%

13. Q. What can I clean it with?
A. Do not use any cleaning solvents other than a mild soap solution on a lightly dampened cloth to clean the 3M PPS SUN GUN Light, Battery Pack, Battery Charger or Power Supply. Do not allow any liquids of any kind especially flammable liquids to enter the 3M PPS SUN GUN Light, Battery Pack, Battery Charger or Power Supply.

14. Q. Where can I get a replacement parts? (Bulb, Battery, Charger, etc.)

A. The best place to purchase spare or replacement parts is through an Authorized 3M Automotive Aftermarket Distributor. Check with the Distributor location where you originally purchased the 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light.

15. Q. How long is the warranty?
A. The 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light carries a 90 Day limited remedy warranty.

16. Q. How will it hold up if it gets dropped?
A. Although, standard UL testing confirms the 3M PPS SUN GUN Color Matching Light and all of the components hold up very well when exposed to sudden impact, we DO NOT recommend the use of a 3M PPS SUN GUN Battery Pack if it is dropped. Replace the battery pack if it is dropped and ALWAYS dispose of the 3M PPS SUN GUN Light, Battery Pack, Battery Charger and Power Supply in accordance with federal, state and local requirements for disposal.

17. Q. Will it work outside on a cloudy day?
A. Yes, the cloudier the better! It will help you see metallic and other subtle differences in color that you simply cannot see on a cloudy, rainy or dark stormy day.

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