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3M 8229 (8323) - Automix/Duramix Factory Match Door Skin Bonding Adhesive Seam Sealer, 200 mL Cartridge

List Price: $63.39
Our Price: $42.00
Item Number: 3m-8323
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer Part No: 8323
Two-part urethane adhesive that is used to bond sheet metal door skins without welding. This product eliminates warpage and corrosion normally caused by welding.
Used to duplicate factory doorskin seams, as well as various other factory seams. Flows slightly and softens on the edges, without tooling, giving a rounded appearance.

Note: Part #8229 has been superceded by Part #8323

Recreating Factory Door Panel Seams with Duramix Seam Sealer Application Guide
Simple Steps for Successful Repair
Duramix Factory Match Seam Sealer flows slightly and softens on the edges, without tooling, giving a rounded appearance as is applied at the factory. It can be used to duplicate factory doorskin seams as well as various other factory seams.
1. For optimum adhesion and corrosion resistance, prime all metal surfaces prior to applying seam sealer(s). If an acid-etch (self-etching) primer is used, a 2K epoxy or urethane primer must be applied before application of the seam sealer. Never apply acid-etch primers over seam sealers.
2. Apply seam sealer to the overlapped and crimped area in a continuous bead.
3. If you are using 08323, you can use any of the 3M Automix OEM Seam Sealer tips to duplicate specific OEM bead shapes.
4. After approximately 1 hour, or when tack free, the seam will be ready for painting.

NOTE: After the vehicle has been sealed, primed and painted, do not let the temperature exceed 140º F (60º C) when the vehicle is put into a paint booth.

Uses and Advantages
  • Recreate factory appearance doorskin seams
  • Recreate ribbon type seams
  • Will not shrink, wrinkle or crack
  • Remains flexible
  • Will not peel or lift

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