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3M Imperial Wetordry Sheet, 9 in x 11 in, 50 sheets

Our Price: Starting at $49.00
Manufacturer: 3M

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    Available in grades P220-P800 and 1000-2500, 9 inch x 11 inch sheets. Grades P220-P800 have aluminum oxide coated on A weight backing. Grades 1000-2500 have Silicon Carbide coated on an A weight backing.
    Applications: Grades P220-P800 are designed for sanding primer, primer surfacer, fine feather edging, and sanding old finishes. Grades 1000-2500 are designed to remove dust nibs, runs, and excess orange peel from topcoat finishes and can be easily removed by compounding. When used with water both of these products cut fast, last long, resist loading and leave behind a consistent scratch.

    Most flexible backing with more consistant scratch pattern make this 3Ms best wet sanding product.

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