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Artool Hobby Mask Clear Adhesive Film - 6 in. x 10 yd.

List Price: $23.00
Our Price: $19.00
Item Number: art-hm1
Manufacturer: Artool
Manufacturer Part No: hm1
Hobby Mask
What will you do with Hobby Mask?

Protecting clear parts:

  • Aircraft canopies: mask the glass, paint the frame
  • Scale autos and trucks: cover windows and lights
  • RC cars: mask the windows and paint it up

Doing camouflage:

  • Aircraft: splinter and modern geometric designs
  • Armor: WWII and modern
  • Ships: hull patterns

Doing panel accents:

  • Aircraft: weathering new and old panels
  • Armor: replacement patterns
  • Sci-Fi vehicles: federation and Aztec pattern
  • Railroad: weathering accents, new and old panels

Doing striping:

  • Cars and trucks: racing and accent stripes
  • Aircraft: airline markings, invasion stripes
  • Ships: waterline, deck markings

"Artool Hobby Mask makes fast work out of masking large areas and tackling intricate painting and airbrushing graphics. This solvent proof adhesive clear film stretches well and conforms easily to odd contours and corners."
- RC Car Action Magazine

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