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Badger 200-13 Single Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Set with Badger Whirlwind 180-10 Compressor

List Price: $297.00
Our Price: $259.00
Item Number: bad-200-13-bad-180-10
Manufacturer: Badger
Manufacturer Part No: 200-13-180-10
    The Model 200 gravity feed single action internal mix airbrush offers single action simplicity in a gravity feed air brush. Allows for "close in" spraying while providing the fine spray pattern of internal mix paint atomization for professional results. The Model 200 will sprays inks, dyes, watercolors, gouaches, properly reduced acrylics, fabric paints, model paints - all of Badger airbrush ready paints. Excellent for detailing and fingernail artists utilizing mini-stencils.

Features (200 Gravity Feed):
  • Self-lubricating needle bearing enables continuous proper paint flow and prevents needle wear.
  • Head seal assures efficient air flow.
  • Non-slip one-piece trigger.
  • Regulate the pre-set amount of color by turning a needle adjustment screw at the back of the air brush handle.
  • Once the desired paint flow is set the air brush will maintain the preset spray until the user chooses to change it.
  • Fine (F) - pencil line to 2" spray pattern.
  • Medium (M) - 1/32" to 2-1/2" spray pattern.

    Fingernail painting is made easy with professional results by simply following the "how-to" 1- 2 - 3 steps on the back of each sleeve.

Badger Model 200-13 Nail Painting Set contains:
  • 200 SG with medium (M) nozzle/needle
  • Two 1 oz. colors for fingernails
  • Propel regulator
  • Vinyl air hose
  • Propel can
  • Foto/Frisket Film
  • Laser-cut stencil designs
  • Instruction book
Badger 180-10 WHIRLWIND
This compressor never needs oil or lubrication. On/off switches (not available on Badger's previous diaphragm compressors) are conveniently located directly on the units. Four attached suction cup feet eliminate compressor movement. Each unit operates one airbrush, with a pressure of 30 PSI for most airbrushes. Portable and light, weighing only 9 pounds,this compressor includes a durable 6' cord with three prong plus and a 1/10 horsepower motor. A full one-year warranty and ETL Certification is included.
    Portable 1/12 HP oil-less diaphragm type compressor has internal bleed, allowing use with any make air brush. It is compact, lightweight and quiet and can be carried form room to room. Maximum running pressure approximately 28 PSI. (1.93 bar)

Additional Specifications:
  • Motor: 115 volts, 60 Hz, 2.5 amp
  • Dimensions: 8-1/4" L X 4-3/4" W x 7" H (21 X 12 X 18 cm)
  • 22.5L/min @ 1.38 bar
  • On/off switch
  • Diaphragm compressor, never needs oil or lubrication
  • Suction cup feet reduces compressor movement
  • Portable, weighing only 9 pounds
  • 1/10 horsepower, 2 cfm
  • Operating pressure of 30 PSI
  • Durable 6' cord with three prong plug
  • Operates one airbrush
  • ETL Certification
  • One year warranty

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