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Createx Water Based Iridescent Airbrush Paint - 2 oz. Set of Six

Createx Iridescent Airbrush Paint
List Price: $5.50
Our Price: $5.00
Manufacturer: Createx Paints
Manufacturer Part No: 5500-2

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Iridescent Colors

Luster pearl colors similar to Pearlized Colors but with an added hue shift apparent on contours and angles of light. Iridescent Colors have a shift from a lighter hue on direct views to a darker hue on side-cast views. Work best over Opaque White or Opaque Black.

Color Chart

5501 5501 - Iridescent Red
5502 5502 - Iridescent Scarlet
5503 5503 - Iridescent Yellow
5504 5504 - Iridescent Turquoise
5505 5505 - Iridescent Electric Blue
5506 5506 - Iridescent Violet
5507 5507 - Iridescent Green
5508 5508 - Iridescent Fuscia

Airbrush Colors

Createx Airbrush Colors are the number one, most widely used and trusted professional airbrush paint in the world. Made with light-fast pigments, durable resins and quality ingredients, Createx works on fabric, wood, leather, canvass, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramic, clay, poster board, brick, plaster, latex, glass and more. Colors are water-based, non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards. Colors include Opaque, Transparent, Fluorescent, Pearlized and Iridescent Colors.

Createx Airbrush Colors are designed for permanent results with a soft-hand feel on fabrics. Colors cure with the assistance of heat after drying. The use of heat to cure colors is one of the main differences between Createx Airbrush Colors and Wicked & Auto Air Colors which cure to a much stronger film with air drying alone (referred to as self-cross linking). Createx are made with exterior-grade (automotive) pigments allowing them to withstand prolonged exposure to direct, outdoor light without fading. For maximum permanence, a top-coat should be applied over the paint after curing.

Createx Airbrush Colors work best out of the bottle with a 0.5mm tip-sized airbrush operated @ 40 – 50 PSI. For smaller tip-sizes, lower PSI settings and fine-line detailed artwork, reduce with either Createx 5608 Illustration Base, Wicked W100 Reducer or Auto Air 4011 Flash Reducer. For more application information, visit our website’s technical pages.

Createx Airbrush Colors are ready to use professional grade airbrush colors which are manufactured with the highest quality control standards. Createx uses the finest pigments available and the colors have a brightness and richness unmatched by others. These colors can be used on a variety of surfaces (i.e. fabrics, leather, canvas, paper, wood, ceramics, and clay) with permanent results.
Createx Colors also produces airbrush additives and mediums which allow artists to "customize' the colors for specific applications.
Transparent, Fluorescent, and Opaque Colors are available in: 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz. and gallon sizes. Pearlized and Iridescent Colors are available in 2 oz., 4 oz. 8 oz, 16 oz. and gallon sizes.


For white and light colored surfaces only.Add Opaque Medium for opacity or to create pastel colors. May be intermixed with all other Createx Airbrush Colors.
For white and light colored surfaces. For coverage on dark surfaces, base coat surface with Opaque White. Mix with transparent, pearlized, or other fluorescent colors.

For both light and dark colored surfaces. Add Airbrush Extender to increase transparency. Add Opaque Medium to create pastel colors. May be mixed with other opaque or transparent colors.

Covers both light and dark colored surfaces. Colors have a shimmering metallic finish. Mix with other pearlized, transparent, fluorescent, iridescent, and chameleons.

Covers both light and dark colored surfaces. Colors have a shimmering metallic look which changes at the angle of light. Mix with other iridescent, pearlized, transparent, or fluorescent colors.


- Including 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, denim, sweatshirts, and most natural fibers.
  1. For best results, wash item first to remove sizing and mill finishes.
  2. Airbrush the design onto fabric avoiding thick buildup of paint and excessive paint layering.
  3. Allow colors to dry, or a heat gun may be used to accelerate drying time. Drying time varies depending on application.
  4. Heatset fabric for permanence by one of the following methods:
a) Iron for 2 minutes at 300°F use a protective cloth, keep iron moving.
b) Turn item inside out and put in clothes dryer for 40 minutes at highest heat.


  1. Clean leather by wiping with mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol.
  2. For best results, lightly spray mist a base coat of Opaque White on areas to be sprayed.
  3. Apply color, avoiding over saturation and excessive paint layering.
  4. Allow colors to dry thoroughly before heat setting.
  5. Iron for 30 seconds at 225°F using a protective cloth, or use a hot air gun at highest level for five minutes.
Paper and Canvas
  1. Apply Color, avoiding thick buildup.
  2. When using high tack frisket, dilute colors 25% with water. Colors are permanent when dry.
  1. Prepare surface by lightly sanding, wipe clean.
  2. Apply color, avoiding thick buildup of paint. Allow colors to dry for 24 hours before applying clear finish.
Ceramics and Clay
  1. Apply color in thin even coats, avoid thick buildup.
  2. Do not exceed temperatures of 300°F when baking. Colors are permanent for handling after 24 hrs.

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