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Dent Fix Spitznagel Hot Stapler - Plastic Repair Assistant

List Price: $529.00
Our Price: $499.00
Item Number: df-800br
Manufacturer: Dent Fix Spitznagel
Manufacturer Part No: df-800br

Dent Fix Spitznagel Hot Stapler - Plastic Repair Assistant

Hot Stapler - Plastic Repair Assistant

Bumper and plastic repair has just taken a major step forward. The DF-800BR Hot Stapler from Dent Fix Equipment creates a strong, structural repair while still maintaining flexibility to allow for proper fitting of components and bumpers. The Hot Stapler uses heat to embed a staple into the plastic to “stitch” tears in plastic back together. Broken fittings on headlight assemblies, torn tabs, or any other plastic component are no longer a problem with original strength restored. Broken fittings on headlight assemblies or any plastic component can be repaired using one of the four types of staples included with the kit. Visit for a video demo!

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