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Mack Brush Review DVD

List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $24.95
Item Number: aba-d1gj04
Manufacturer: Airbrush Action
Manufacturer Part No: d1ap01
With an overwhelming variety of striping and lettering brushes 
available, the right choice for your specific application can be 
difficult and confusing (even for advanced artists!)  In this DVD, 
pinstriping master Gary Jenson unlocks the mystery and confusion of 
striping, scrolling, and lettering brushes by demonstrating the use 
of each brush in the extensive Mack Brush Company line, including:
Mack 10 Series Sword Striper, Mach One Striper, Mack Lite Striper, 
Mack Belly, Mack SLS, Mack 1010 Series Sword Striper, Xcaliber Sword Striper, 
Kelly Mack Sword Striper, 179 Lettering Brush, 189 Lettering Quill, 
169 Lettering Quill Series, 1992 Soft Flat Stroke Series, Scrolling 
Script Brushes, Bobbo Super Quad, Wizard Vortex, Wizard Typhoon, 
Jenson Swirley Q, 444 Virus, Virus II, Alan Johnson Mini Detailer, 
Ron Meyers Car Show Set, Series 840 Outliner

In this DVD, you’ll learn how to:
Palette a brush
Tell if your brush is overloaded
Pull a straight and consistent line
Trim a brush
Achieve thin and thick lines
Paint great designs
End a line
Anatomy of a brush
The various synthetic and natural brush hairs
Outline flames and letters
Hold a brush
Make seamless line connections

Why the differences in hair lengths
Lettering quills and flats
Block, freehand, script, and casual lettering
Pull straight Lines
Perform teardrops, scrolls, and signatures
Make a dagger stroke
Wet-on-wet blending
Anatomy of a Sword Striper
The numbering system of sword stripers
Rudder action of a brush
Clean and maintain your brushes
And more!

“What I teach in this presentation took me literally more than 20 
years of trial and error,” explained Jenson. “I’m happy to share my 
professional tips and tricks, and spare you years of frustration 
sorting the maze of choices. After watching, you should be able to 
achieve gratifying results in accelerated fashion.”

Run Time: 45 minutes approximately
Skill Level: Beginner to Professional
Photography by Cliff Stieglitz

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