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Mack Hannukaine Graduated Quill Series 79 Set of 6

List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $40.00
Item Number: mac-79set
Manufacturer: Mack Brush
Manufacturer Part No: 79set
MACK BRUSH SET OF SIX Hannukaine PINSTRIPE BRUSHES Mixture Of Squirrel & Taklon XXS Similar to a Size #2 Graduated Quill XS Similar to a Size #3 Graduated Quill S Similar to a Size #4 Graduated Quill M Similar to a Size #6 Graduated Quill L Similar to a Size #8 Graduated Quill XL Similar to a Size #10 Graduated Quill Squirrel Hair Blue squirrel is the most readily available and comes in long lengths, as well as short lengths. It is generally used for striping brushes and lettering brushes. Brown, or kazan, is no longer as plentiful as it was several years ago. It is generally found in the shorter lengths and used for stripers, quills, and outliners. Both blue and kazan are very soft and fine. They point as well as kolinsky, but have very little snap, since the hair is not very resilient. Grey squirrel is the hardest to find and the most expensive. It is more durable, has more snap and makes a great quill or lettering brush. Synthetics Synthetics are man-made of either nylon or polyester. They may come tipped, tapered, flagged, abraded or even etched to increase the brushes' ability to carry color. The man-made filaments may be dyed and baked to make them soft and more absorbent. The advantages of a synthetic brush are as follows: They are very durable They are less likely to be damaged by moths, paints or mild solvents. They are easier to clean. If you are using an acrylic paint, use a synthetic brush.

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