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Menagerie - Son of Skullmaster Craig Fraser Airbrush Stencil

List Price: $27.50
Our Price: $24.00
Item Number: art-fh-sk-8
Manufacturer: Artool
Manufacturer Part No: fh-sk-8
Son of Skullmaster
Just when you finished your last therapy session... right when you thought you had seen enough skull stencils and everything was back to normal in the airbrush world... they're back...

Approximate Stencil Size: 8" x 10" Each


For those of you that became thoroughly obsessed with the original 3 Skullmasters, there were a few suggestions for additions and imporovements. Well, to prove that only about 80% of your requests fell on deaf ears, I went to work. After countless hours of watching T.V. and a few moments of inspiration, I came up with this! new goodies to work with the original set. Dice for eyes, head spikes, Maltese crosses, and devil horns, (and fo rthe intellectuals), new positive teeth stenciling as well as anatomically correct open mouth and improved negative space elements for the frontal, and side profile skull. (Rough Translation: New stuff, make skulls better.) There, I did it. Now leave me alone.

Item # FH-SK8

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