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Norton Blue Mag 2-3/4 x 16-1/2 inch Clip-On Body File Sheet, 50 Sheets

Our Price: Starting at $28.00
Manufacturer: Norton
Manufacturer Part No: 23620

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    Norton BlueMag with super phenolic resin as a bonding agent is simply the best in the world. Couple this with flexible latex backing in an indestructible E-weight - and the end result is one of the toughest; longest lasting; high performance coarse grit sandpapers ever made.

  • High strength blue latex
  • Latest NorZon grain design
  • Improves cut rate
  • Extends product life
  • Proven coating technique
  • Superior bond system

  • Improves performance and paper backing flexibility
  • Reduces curling and edge chipping
  • Self-sharpening
  • Improves cut rate
  • More consistent, uniform scratch pattern
  • Optimizes grain adhesion
  • Extends product life
    Norton Blue Body File Sheets come in three different types: Clip-On, PSA and Speed-Grip. Pick the one thats right for your job. Tough, high performance body files will make short work of your sanding needs. Ideal for sanding body filler.

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