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Sorayama Secrets Revealed DVD Narrated by Dru Blair by Airbrush Action

List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $39.95
Item Number: aba-d1hs01
Manufacturer: Airbrush Action
Manufacturer Part No: D1HS01


This is an exceptionally rare and exclusive opportunity to witness the creation of a painting by Sorayama, one of the greatest living illustrators of our time, and perhaps in history. In this special step-by-step presentation, the legendary Sorayama guides you from sketch to completion revealing his secrets of painting along the way. As you watch this DVD it's important to note Sorayama's careful planning and composition of an image, his meticulous attention to the smallest details, his painstaking development of and continuous interaction with a painting, how he pays close attention to his reference, and his versatile use and array of mixed media. Sorayama approaches his paintings interactively. In other words, instead of simply executing a painting, he works methodically, allowing visual feedback to guide him as he progresses. He switches tools often as he gradually builds his surfaces, and he doesn't attempt to complete any one section in the first few passes, but rather starts light and gradually incorporates paint, ink, pencil, and airbrush until he's satisfied. World renowned illustrator Dru Blair is your guide throughout Sorayama's masterful rendering of an exotic pin-up.

In this DVD, you'll learn:

  • Use of technical pens, paintbrushes, airbrush, and a variety of pencils 
  • Use of razor knives 
  • How to transfer your image to an illustration board 
  • Use of an Artograph opaque projector 
  • Use of a compass 
  • How to mix flesh-tones 
  • How to build texture 
  • How to render shading and half-tones
  • Use of acrylic colors 
  • How to apply a wash 
  • Blending techniques 
  • How to use yourself as reference for an image 
  • How to eliminate unwanted blemishes from a painting 
  • Use of spray fixative 
  • How to prevent your illustration board from warping 
  • How to use electric and pencil erasers for highlights 
  • How to accelerate drying between coats 
  • How to achieve perfectly straight lines with a paintbrush 
  • Use of frisket and masking
  • And much more!


Running Time: 3 hours

Skill Level: Beginner to Professional

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